Children’s Dentistry

Children’s dentistry is provided by Dickon Adams, who says ‘Good dental care for children is essential for long term good dental health’.

Our approach

Children need to be given time and patience.  They will become confident about visiting the dentist and undergoing treatment. Dickon will give children all the time that they need to achieve this as Dickon understands that a sympathetic and caring approach to children’s dentistry is essential. Children will then be happy to visit the dentist and accept treatment for the rest of their life.

All children (U18) get free treatment under the NHS

How do I prepare for my child’s dental visit?

It’s best not to make a big thing about the visit and just treat the whole experience like any other day.  Avoid making comments about your experiences or fears in front of your children or saying things like ‘He’s not going to hurt you’ as this immediately gives your child the idea that it must hurt or you wouldn’t be saying it!

If you would like to watch a video with your child about visiting the dentist click here


Our emphasis is always on prevention.  This will always form a key part of any examination or treatment.  We like to stop problems before they start.  Whatever a child’s dental problems previously we can guarantee that we will improve things for the future.

Fissure Seals

Fillings are often unnecessary.  If cavities are detected early, it may be possible to seal over the tooth.  This prevents the need for doing a filling and can also be used in a tooth we think might be likely to get a cavity.

Air Abrasion

If a tooth needs a filling we may be able to use air abrasion. This uses a fine jet of silica to clean the cavity and may avoid the need for local anaesthetic and drilling in many cases.


I will always use white fillings (even on the NHS)


I do not carry out orthodontics myself, preferring to refer your child to a specialist. Every examination I will check the development of the teeth so that any problems are assessed early and referred at the correct time.

Prevention Plan

  • If you would like your child seen privately I do offer a Prevention Plan.
  • 2 Examinations / year
  • Tooth brushing instruction as required. (Good tooth brushing is essential for good Dental Health)
  • Advice for prevention of dental problems
  • Fissure sealants (to prevent the need for fillings when required)
  • Fillings / Root fillings

For more information on child dental care click here to take a look at the BDHF website